Smith-Victor 42″ Pro-Duty Copy Stand Kit

Amazon’s description: The new Smith-Victor 42″ Pro-Duty Copy Stand Kit provides a complete professional system for creating precise reproductions of photographs, artwork and other objects. The sturdy baseboard features a non-reflective 18 percent gray matte finish that measures 23.5 x 23.5-inches which is ideal for originals of up to 16 x 20-inches. A grid is also printed on the baseboard to ensure accurate placement of the originals every time. The column is constructed of heavy duty extruded aluminum and is designed to be low-vibration which is critical for the sharpest images possible. The column also features a height scale printed on the anodized aluminum. The copy stand has a unique carriage system – no cranks or tightening of knobs needed. Simply squeeze the lever and the carriage can be slid up or down smoothly and quickly. Release the lever and the carriage will stop and lock at the desired, securing the camera for use. The carriage has a standard 1/4 20 mount to accept any camera and lens combination up to 8 pounds. For the perfect illumination of the original, the kit includes two fully adjustable mounting arms and two compact flat panel LED lights. The LED lights provide high output, smooth and even illumination across the baseboard and with a CRI of 95, they ensure that the color rendition of the copies will be accurate to the originals. The LED panel lights also are energy efficient and low heat so delicate originals are safe from heat damage caused by traditional incandescent lights. The new Smith-Victor 42″ Pro-Duty Copy Stand Kit is the ideal kit for professional quality results from a simple yet heavy duty system.


We purchased the top-of-line, 42-inch Smith Victor copy stand about six months ago and have used it for “scanning” boxes of photos, genealogical documents, cassette tape j-cards, etc.

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