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Get a Family History Profile and Start Building an Engaging Rich Media Family History Today

By: familyscrolls
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Get a Family History Profile and Start Building an Engaging Rich Media Family History Today

A FamilyScrolls Family History Profile (your Family Scroll) is a feature-packed online space which gives you access to an array of rich media tools you can use to document, organize, collaborate and share family stories that really come alive with:

  • photo galleries
  • streaming audio for interviews, etc.
  • youtube integration
  • articles, histories, stories, blog
  • document builder
  • dedicated forum for family discussions
  • live chat
  • file repository
  • web page Creator
  • event calendar for birthdays and events (with reminders)

You may invite an unlimited number of family members to participate in your own dedicated forum and interest groups, as well as live chat. Your history is private and only family members you approve are allowed to view and interact, working together to create an ever-growing collection of family memories

You get all of this for just $19 monthly (starting with up to 1GB of media storage). Family member accounts are free and unlimited! Build a Family Scroll for your immediate family or for a large, extended family -- it's up to you. Try it FREE for 30 days before deciding if these tools prove to be as indispensable to you and your family is they are to ours..

A Family Scroll is geared toward building a collection of Family memories, while fostering a real community with family members who share memories via photos, stories, audio recordings, videos, calendar entries, etc. You purchase just ONE FamilyScrolls History Profile and then invite your family to join with free family member accounts so they can follow your history profile activities and join in discussions. Everyone can contribute in your own private Family Scroll forum while you or other admins add materials to your Family History profile.

FamilyScrolls is also perfect for solo historiographers as it helps collect, organize and document histories which contain a full range of media: written word, audio, video and photos. You can log in to FamilyScrolls and add content from any device. For instance, you might have an unforeseen occasion to capture an interview when chancing upon a distant relative -- just record it on your iPhone and upload it with a few clicks. It's there to use in your History whenever you like.

Please check out the FamilyScrolls Blog for ideas on how we use the many tools on to build our own rich media Family History. The possibilities are truly limitless and we continue to find new ways to document living memories with the tools we have at our disposal.

We're excited to see what you do! We look forward to having you be a part of our larger community and hope FamilyScrolls can help you build a lasting Family History gathering place that brings your family together and helps create something you all all will cherish forever.

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