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Category: People & Blogs
Duration: 00:23:03
We get so used to searching for people in our family tree by name, that it might not even occur to us to search for them without a name. Join Crista Cowan as she shares some specific examples of instances when people are not recorded by name. She'll share search tips and tricks so you can find those records. Then, she will show you how those records are still of great genealogical value.
Category: People & Blogs
Duration: 00:30:51
Brand new to genealogy? We're so glad you're here! Pull up a chair and spend a few minutes with our very own Barefoot Genealogist as she guides you through the basics of getting started. She'll have you climbing your own family tree in no time.
Category: Howto & Style
Duration: 00:13:30
Apply the Top 10 Genealogy Research Tips that Dave Obee gives Genealogy Gems Winner Sarah Stout at #Rootstech to your own research and get results. You can read all the details on Sarah's ancestor's incredible story and the complete list of tips at Lisa Louise Cooke's blog at
If you enjoy learning more about family history, subscribe to this channel, and The Genealogy Gems Podcast in iTunes. You can get the Google Earth for Genealogy video tutorial CDs mentioned in this video, as well as Lisa's book How to Find Your Family History in Newspaper at the Genealogy Gems store at