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Category: Nonprofits & Activism
Duration: 00:03:37
For 40 years, Harold Haver had been collecting pennies for a family project. After his house burned to the ground in the Black Forest fire in Colorado, Samaritan's Purse volunteers were able to recover two buckets worth of pennies and other priceless valuables that Haver thought were lost forever. This is just a small way volunteers are able to provide comfort and hope to fire victims while sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Http://
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Create priceless heirlooms and preserve family memories with The Ancestor Detector.
Category: Travel & Events
Duration: 00:03:10
Self confessed nosey parker, Eric Knowles returned for day two and three of Who Do You Think You Are? Live. He's here to help you to uncover secrets of your family past through your family heirlooms.
Category: Education
Duration: 01:05:24
Valerie J. Frey discussed her book "Preserving Family Recipes: How to Save and Celebrate Your Food Traditions."

For transcript and more information, visit
Category: Science & Technology
Duration: 00:05:09
From daguerreotypes to digital imaging dilemmas, this webinar covers everything a family photographer needs to know about caring for photographs. Topics include printing and sharing digital images, and how to safely label grandparents' pictures.

Maureen Taylor is an internationally recognized expert on the intersection of history, genealogy, and photography. She has been featured in top media outlets, including The View, Better Homes & Gardens, the Boston Globe, Martha Stewart Living, MSNBC, New Morning (Hallmark Channel), Life Magazine, DIY: Scrapbooking, PBS Ancestors, Claritin's Moment of Clarity, Creative Memories' Lasting Moments, Dear Myrtle, and Satisfaction Magazine. Maureen is the author of a number of books and magazine articles, as well as a contributing editor at Family Tree Magazine.

Originally broadcast on May 4, 2011, the webinar-on-CD (1 hour 30 minutes) is now available at

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Category: People & Blogs
Duration: 00:58:43
Category: Education
Duration: 00:11:58
Minnesota Historical Society textile conservator Ann Frisina demonstrates and explains how and why to roll textiles and how to prepare a tube with a header.
Category: Howto & Style
Duration: 00:06:56
Greetings! Just wanted to share with you the Heirloom Recipe Albums that I created for family and friends this year as a special gift. I love that these can be used for recipes and pictures from family celebrations. So much of what we reach for in our own traditions and family heritage harkens back to the food and fellowship that we experience each time we gather together with family and friends.

A hand written recipe is a real treasure in my opinion. This album is the perfect place to write those special family recipes that you want to pass on to your children to preserve that family tradition!

I hope this inspires you to do something similar. Even if it is just a notebook or folder where you start to gather your own special recipes together in a common place so that others can refer back to it. Start now and soon you will have a real family treasure to be proud of.

Thanks for indulging me and allowing me to share what I have made. I hope you enjoyed it!

Merry Christmas!
Category: News & Politics
Duration: 00:02:43
Augusta Museum of History registrar Lauren Virgo talks about an upcoming event to teach the public how to preserve family heirlooms and let them go backstage to see how the museum preserves artifacts.
Category: Education
Duration: 00:03:48
Not sure how to preserve your family artifacts and heirlooms? Take a quick peak at this video to find some great tips on how to properly preserve your family treasures for years to come.
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