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Video, articles and more about capturing audio and sharing it as stories.

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iOS Audio Recording App: Just Press Record

iOS Audio Recording App: Just Press Record

When people ask what is the best way to record events, interviews, and every day conversation, I tell them to start with the device they already most likely have with them all the time: their phone. Whether you're an iOS or an Android phone user, you have the necessary tools at your disposal, now it's just a matter of what software will help you get the recordings and organize them to suit YOUR way of working. Just Press Record on iOS is my favorite software for recording every day... -- read post

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Here's my TOP 5 Ways To Get More from Your Zoom H4n Pro Audio Recorder video. This will work for other Zoom Handy Recorders that share the same features. Even other Audio Recorders so don't dismay if you own a Tascam :)
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Just a quick overview of one of my favorite features of the Zoom H5: the ability to enable a PAD on the XLR and 1/4" inputs. Whether you're recording sound at a wedding or another live event, a lot of the line outs from soundboards and DJ mixing booths are rather hot (line level). Enabling the PADs on the H5 can help ensure you're able to record clean, undistorted audio.
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you can purchase items in this video here:

I had originally ordered the Zoom H6 but had several problems with it not doing things I had thought it would do, (the overdub isn't as full featured as the Zoom H5 or H4n) so, I ordered the Zoom H5, which has several more pages (user manual) than the H6 for Overdub features. You can read the reviews on my website. You can also listen to the mixed audio from my equipment reviews.
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The Sonic Sense crew puts five popular handheld recorders to the test. Zoom's H5, H6, and H4n, Tascam's DR-40, and Roland's R-26.

Audio samples include a live rock band and a solo acoustic guitar and vocal performance.

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We also have an abridged version of this video:

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Gang Forward
Andy Sydow

Transcript: Hello there, this is Brian from Sonic Sense Pro Audio. Over the next 5 minutes, we're gonna take a look at Zoom's new H5 handheld recorder and compare it with four other popular recorders. This will include the H5's older brothers, the H4N and the H6, as well as Tascam's DR-40 and Roland's R-26.

We'll briefly go over some of the key features of each recorder and then we'll hear how each of them captured a live band, fully reinforced by a PreSonus AI System (will show a layout of the PA system components/prices here) in our live room, with levels exceeding 100 decibels.

We'll also give you access to a wide variety of audio samples as captured by each device.
(will bullets/show all the various sounds that will be available for download)

In addition to the internal microphones, we tested the mic preamps of each unit with a pair of RoDE NT-5 condensers to each recorder via 6 Radial JS-3 transformer balanced splitters. Now we can hear the same performance captured by each of the recorder's external preamps.

Before we listen, lets get a quick rundown of each unit.

The H5 is the newest handheld recorder from Zoom. This recorder allows you to easily swap out 5 different mic capsules allowing you to choose the best microphone for any situation. The 2 external mic pres have dedicated gain control making setup quick and easy.

The H6 is Zoom's flagship recorder featuring interchangeable capsules, a full color OLED display and four external mic preamps with a dedicated gain knob for each channel.

The H4n has been extremely popular since its introduction 5 years ago. This 4 track recorder features rotatable capsules allowing you to select a recording pattern of 90 or 120 degrees. 2 external mic pres are available as well.

Tascam's DR-40 allows you to change the internal mics from XY to AB positions giving you more control over the sound of the room. This recorder even has a built in stereo reverb.

Roland R-26 gives you the choice of 2 different internal microphone pairs in addition to its 2 external mic pres. This is also the only recorder here with a touch screen which makes navigating the menus quick and painless.

For more detail on our set up and signal path, visit our Resource Center at Sonic Sense .com

Okay let's hear 'em...(internal mic comparison)

Now let's hear the external preamps...(preamp comparison)

Okay, the Zoom H5 review starts now...Please leave your comments below.

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John from Cranbourne Music goes through some of the upgraded features found on the new H5 audio recorder from Zoom.
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Description: - - What exactly is the best operating system? Is it Mac OS X? Is it Windows? Is it Linux? To answer that, I asked myself. Listen in as I argue with myself, and attempt to come to a concrete decision. Distributed by Tubemogul.