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Category: News & Politics
Duration: 00:04:22
Reporting for Sunday TODAY, NBC’s Harry Smith takes a tour of the largest library in the world: the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. He gets a first-hand look at some of the 164 million items in the archives, including historic documents that shaped this country.
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Library Of Congress Digitizing Historic Archives | TODAY
Category: Film & Animation
Duration: 00:06:55
This video series examines some of the stories behind Tate’s archives of British art, exploring questions and processes that are emerging from their collection, conservation and use.

What does the word archive mean to you? Hear from artists, gallery volunteers, and history experts about the sorts of things you can find in archives. What secrets do archives hold and how can your own experiences and possessions be of archival value?
Category: Howto & Style
Duration: 01:17:13
The best thing you can do for family photographs and documents is to avoid restoring them! If you have photos in good condition, Eric will share some tips to keep them that way. This was lecture 1 of 4 for the Iowa Genealogical Society's Spring Conference on April 14, 2012 in Des Moines, Iowa (USA).

Read a fun blog entry about the event at the Photo Grafix News Blog:

For more information about Photo Grafix, visit To learn more about the fantastic services of the Iowa Genealogical Society, please visit
Category: People & Blogs
Duration: 00:00:58
Most people have records, photos, or heirlooms in their homes. But other relatives almost certainly do as well. And often the things they have are different than what you’ve had passed down. Perhaps it’s time for an inventory of all the Family Archive “Branch Offices!”
Category: Science & Technology
Duration: 00:03:56
Google Cloud is helping the New York Times digitize millions of photos from its archive. Picture what the cloud can do.

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Category: Education
Duration: 00:05:20
A look inside the digitization labs at the National Archives, where a dedicated team of technicians uses state-of-the-art technology to preserve the Archives' remarkable holdings. Once digitized, the records are available to the public online. Motion pictures, still photographs, paper documents, audio-video recordings are some of the records shown being digitized in the labs of the National Archives in this video.
Category: Education
Duration: 01:08:37
Melissa LeMaster Barker answers questions posed in DearMYRTLE's "An Open Letter to an Archivist" located here:

Practical, down-to-earth advice for family historians.

VIEW and COMMENT over on DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Community:
Category: Film & Animation
Duration: 00:03:16
Denise May Levenick is a genealogist who specializes in digitizing and archiving old photos, documents, and heirlooms. Her story showcases the importance of preserving each family's history and transmitting traditions to the next generation. Learn her secret to successful backup in this video.
Category: Education
Duration: 00:13:39
The talk I gave at the Personal Digital Archiving Conference, about the experience of my dad and I in archiving our family memories. Over 20,000 photos, plus audio recordings, movies, and documents. The talk outlines what was done, the tools used, the problems we had, and what the experience meant to my family.

Thinking of scanning too? I've built tools to help. See them here:
Category: Howto & Style
Duration: 00:01:57
Some considerations on how to index prints once they're scanned.
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