About Family Scrolls

Family Scrolls is dedicated to creating living, rich media histories. My name is Briyan Baker and I’ve always loved exploring my family history. As publisher of a long-running magazine for DiYer music artists, I have a particular interest in working with multimedia materials: audio, video, text, photos, graphics, etc. Over the years I’ve combined static materials like photos with oral or video interaction from different perspectives to bring artifacts to life and infuse them with related details and loving perspectives that become lost without care.

I’m building this website to help others learn ways to bring multimedia impact to collections that deserve to be brought to life through the stories of people who experienced them, often with surprising results.

In addition to lots of new ideas for augmenting family material, we also discuss the technical details and how-to’s on the many methods available through capturing oral recordings, digital scans, video, etc. You’ll find articles pertaining to audio recording software, cleaning up audio, media storage ideas, QR codes for linking artifacts to rich media, which printers to use, and much more. Share your own experiences by leaving comments and join us in the forum for more discussion. We appreciate everyone’s insight. Let us know how we can help further your efforts.

Take your dusty photo albums and turn them into an always living experiences. Make your photos, letters, keepsakes and other personal treasures come alive with diverse perspectives, uncovering stories you never knew. Have gatherings with family, friends and even social groups and start building an exciting legacy that will be cherished now and forever.

I love re-purposing historical documents for display, keepsakes and more. Put your Cricut Maker or other crafting device to creative use and explore along with us! Got a heat press?