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You'll also learn how to make your own family histories more cherished through articles and videos on everything from making leather-bound journals to audio and video best practices. Start your own family history profile and try all the features for 30 days FREE. If you love it, simply continue month to month as long as you like.

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Story Corps was started by Dave Isray in 2003 with the opening of its first story booth in Grand Central Station in New York. The video on their website tells of Dave's fascination with the stories of his older relatives and how he recorded them one day after a family dinner. To this day, Dave searches his mother's home for the lost tape because he's drawn to a need to hear those voices again. Dave's story and passion for the stories of regular people is similar to mine and I was fascinated...
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Reducing Photo File Size

Reducing Photo File Size
We recommend optimizing all the photos you upload to your Family Scrolls profile in order to get the most out of your account. The optimum resolution for view photos online is much lower than what you might need for printing so, very often, the resolution of photos taken with your digital camera or photos scanned from a shoebox can take up more space than required to get satisfactory results. Professional web editor will most likely use a program like Adobe's Photoshop to optimize photos...
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Get a FamilyScrolls.com Family History Profile and Start Building an Engaging Rich Media Family History Today

Get a FamilyScrolls.com Family History Profile and Start Building an Engaging Rich Media Family History Today
A FamilyScrolls Family History Profile (your Family Scroll) is feature-packed online space which gives you access to an array of rich media tools you can use to document, organize, collaborate and share family stories that really come alive with: photo galleries streaming audio for interviews, etc. youtube integration articles, histories, stories, blog document builder dedicated forum for family discussions live chat file repository web page Creator event calendar for birthdays and...
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